Academic Support

Learning Support

The school has a learning support teacher on staff. Limited support can be given to those with learning needs; however, ISR is not able to provide for a child who requires substantial support. The school will assist families in finding appropriate external support where possible.


The school employs a school counselor who provides counseling to students and also career guidance to our older students.

Library/Media Center

The school owns a library with materials and books appropriate to the needs of the children. Students can visit the library regularly and will learn how to use the library. They also have access to the Internet and computerized resources.

Information Technology

Computers, laptops, iPads, video and audio resources are an integral part of the program. The school is equipped with a variety of technological resources for the students to use.

Reporting Student Progress

Student progress is continually assessed and recorded by the teachers and the students. Portfolios of student work are maintained. Written reports are sent home at the end of each unit of inquiry. In addition parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year.

English as a second language

Children whose first language is not English receive additional support from teachers of English as a Second Language if necessary.

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